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Here are Great Fried Turkey Recipes

To make a fried turkey better is to use a great fried turkey recipe!!!

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Having a great fried turkey recipe will make many people very happy! Just like the happy people in the photo.


Four Types of Fried Turkey Recipes.

There are a four types of fried turkey recipes, and each type of fried turkey recipe is really based on how to prepare the turkey before frying. Here are the four types of turkey fryer recipes:

  1. Placing Turkey in a Brine: To brine a turkey, it is place for a set amount of time in a liquid mixture of something like water and salt. Note – other things can be added to the brine, also.
  2. Injecting the Turkey: This can be done by injecting a marinate into turkey every two inches, and then, placing the turkey in the refrigerator overnight. Here is an example of a good injection marinade. Note – will need approximately 1 oz. of marinade per pound of turkey.
  3. Rubbing Spices on Turkey: Rub spices on inside and outside of the turkey, and then, placing the turkey in the refrigerator overnight. An example of a good spice rub is 1/2 cup pepper, 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup paprika, 1/8 cup garlic powder, 1/8 onion powder, and cyan pepper to your liking. Note – if possible, it is nice if the rub can be placed under the skin, also.
  4. Putting a Stuffing under Skin: This is a great way to fry a turkey, but it takes some skill. Here is a link to an article on turkey fryer safety, but is also has step by step instructions on how to stuff a turkey for frying. Once on the article about safety, look for the step by step videos on fryer a turkey, and these videos will show how to stuff a turkey for frying.

Once you know the way desired for preparing the turkey for frying, a recipe can be chosen.

If your desire have a fried turkey recipe that uses the injection method, below is one of the most popular fried turkey injection recipes.


Cajun Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

One of the most popular fried turkey recipe is the Cajun Deep Fried Turkey recipe! This is probably the oldest, also. Here are the instructions for this popular and classic recipe for a turkey up to 14 pounds. Note – be sure to follow your turkey fryer manual, which should trump these instruction.

OK….. lets begin.

Step 1. Have a turkey a fully defrosted and ready for injecting the night before cooking time.

Step 2. Fill the fryer with proper amount of peanut oil into fryer according to the fryer’s instructions. Cover oil with plastic wrap until ready to use.

Step 3. Make injections liquid by combining dry ingredients with crab boil solution, and then, adjust seasoning to taste.

    • 6 ts Salt
    • 6 ts Paprika
    • 6 ts White pepper
    • 6 ts Cayenne
    • 6 ts Accent; opt
    • 16 oz Liquid crab oil by mixing 1 part crab boil concentrate to 4 parts water.

Step 4. Inject the injection liquid into the turkey’s flesh around every 2 inches with a syringe. Here is a good injection device.

Step 5. Cover the turkey and place the turkey in the refrigerator over night.

Step 6. After turkey has been in the refrigerator overnight, start the burner and heat the oil to 350 degrees. Here is an example of a good turkey fryer thermometer to help read the temperature of the oil in the fryer. Also, here is a great turkey fryer lighter.

Step 7. Turn off turkey fryer burner and place turkey into fryer according to fryer’s manual. Clean off any oil that may have gotten on the outside of the pot.

Step 6. Turn on turkey fryer burner, fry the turkey in 350 degree oil for 3.5 minutes per pound. CAUTION: Use a oil thermometer to monitor the oil. Oil may ignite if the temperature goes beyond 395~.

Step 7. After turkey is cooked, turn off turkey fryer burner and remove fried turkey.

Step 8. Check internal temperature of turkey. If turkey internal is 165 or higher, the turkey is done.

Step 9. If turkey internal is under 165 degrees, cook turkey longer by placing turkey into oil, turning on fyrer burner, and frying turkey longer until you think turkey is done, turn of fryer burner, take turkey out of fryer, and measure turkey’s internal tempture. If turkey internal is 165 or higher, the turkey is done. If turkey internal is under 165 degrees, cook turkey longer using the using the above steps until the turkey’s internal temperature is 165 degrees.

Step 10. Let the turkey rest for around 10 minuts.

Step 11. Cut turkey and serve. Then, enjoy perfectly cooked turkey!!!

This Cajun Deep Fried Turkey recipe is great, but there are more fried turkey recipes. Below are books that can be used to find the recipe you need to make the perfect turkey.


Fried Turkey Recipe Books

There really are not a lot of places to find fried turkey recipes! Here are a few books that either concentrate on fried turkey recipes or have a few fried turkey recipes. This is all we could find.


The Ultimate Turkey Fryer Cookbook: Over 150 Recipes for Frying Just About Anything by Reece Williams


The Frequent Fryers Cookbook by Rick Browne


103 Uses for Your Turkey Fryer by G&R Publishing


Dadgum That’s Good! by John McLemore


I am sure over time more books will be written. If you know of any more books, please share with us in the comments. Also, if we find any more books on cooking with a turkey fryer, we will be sure to add then here.


Enjoy Your Fried Turkey!

Hopefully this article has helped you find a great fried turkey recipe! There really are not a lot of places to find recipes, so most likely if you cannot find a fried turkey recipe you like, you will need to adapt and existing one to meet your needs. My recommendation for the best place to get a great fried turkey reciple is The Frequent Fryers Cookbook. Also, this books has many other recipes for other things that your fryer can be used for. Enjoy!!!


The Frequent Fryers Cookbook



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