Turkey Fryer Safety

Turkey Fryer Safety is the #1 thing people think about when cooking a fried turkey!

Turkey Being Placed in Fryer

photo by fat tony

Yes…..cooking a deep fried turkey can be dangerous. Using common sense and following the deep fryer manual will keep everyone safe and cook a great tasting fried turkey.

Turkey Fryers can be Dangerous

Here is a video that shows the dangers of frying a turkey when the fryer manual is not followed.

This is a funny video, but doing things in a safe way when making a fried turkey will help save the day and not ruin the day.


Frying a Turkey Safely Step by Step

The best tips come with the turkey fryer manual or handbook. Here are videos on complete cooking a turkey from the very beginning to the very end. The videos where created by professional chef Emory Davis. From the videos, safety tips can be visualized.

Getting a Turkey

Preparing Turkey

General Turkey Fryer Safety

Fryer Equipment Needed

Filling the Turkey Fryer

Putting Turkey on Holder

Putting Turkey Into Fryer

Lifting Turkey Out of Fryer

Presenting Turkey to Family

Cutting Turkey

Chef Emory did a great job showing step by step how to safely deep fry a turkey. Note – there are many ways to deep fry a turkey, but the safety tips are still the same.


Deep Fried Turkey Safety Tips

Here are a few deep fried turkey safety tips.

1. Buy proper size turkey for fryer

  • Check turkey fryer manual to size maximum turkey for fryer.
  • First time using a fryer get a turkey a little smaller than suggested size to make sure manual is correct.

2. Fryer setup in safe place

  • Fryer needs to be placed outside in open area.
  • Ground fryer is placed needs to be flat and solid. sure manual is correct.
  • Have a fire extinguisher close to fryer set up.

3. Don’t overfill fryer pot.

  • Look at manual to see proper oil level.
  •  Don’t fill oil past fill line on pot.

4. Cook properly outfitted.

  • Heavy long sleeve shirt.
  • Thick long pans.
  • Safety goggles.

5. Turkey ready for fryer

  • Completely thawed.
  • Outside and inside turkey patted dry with paper towel.
  • Turkey firmly placed on turkey holder.

5. Slowly add turkey to fryer

  • Turn off burner before adding turkey.
  • Try not to lower turkey to fast into oil.
  • Don’t let the bubbling oil scare you.

6. Watch turkey fry

  • Protect turkey fryer from dog, children, etc.
  • Keep temperature of oil around 350.
  • Enjoy watching turkey fry!!!

7. Carefully take turkey out of oil.

  • Turn off burner after turkey has been in fryer proper time.
  • Gradually take turkey out of fryer.
  • take turkey’s internal temperature. If internal temperature is lower than 165 degrees, cook turkey longer until internal temperature is 165.

These are turkey frying tips. The turkey fryer’s manual will have tips, also. With these tips and the turkey fryer’s manual tips, everyone should be able to fry a turkey without a problem.


Oil-Less Turkey Fryers

If after seeing the videos on frying a turkey is still scary, there is another option; oil less turkey fryers. Oil-less turkey fryer are a great alternative to deep fried turkey fryers. Here are some of the best oil-less turkey fryers.

Oil-Less Electric

Masterbuilt Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster

Oil-less Propane

Char-Broil The Big Easy Oil-Less Infrared Turkey Fryer

Above are two of the best oil-less turkey fryers. Out of the two pictured above, the Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer is creates the closest to deep fried turkey.


Conclusion on Turkey Fryer Safety

By following the turkey fryer manual and the tips in this article, turkey fryer safety can be easily achieved! If your looking for a safe turkey fryer, look at the turkey fryer reviews on the right side. Turkey fryer safety starts by having a good turkey fryer, and we try to only review top turkey fryers.



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5 Responses to Turkey Fryer Safety

  1. Diana says:

    This is a great video! I never would have thought of separating the skin the way you did or making a pesto to stuff it with. I would not have thought that mint with the other herbs would work, but I am going to try it! Thanks

    • admin says:

      I agree Diana!!! Everyone talks about brining and injection. This is the first time I saw separating the skin and stuffing. I plan to fry a turkey soon, so I will try this out and report back with the results.

      Thanks for the comment!!!!!

  2. Dave says:

    A good blog post. Something I always tell students is keep raw ingredients totally separate from ready to eat foods.
    Wash your hands well in soapy water after touching raw meat and raw vegetables. (Soil on raw vegetables is a major source of pathogenic organisms.
    Check the internal temperature of cooked foods to ensure it has reached at least 75°C or 167°F. This temperature will ensure that it is safe to eat.

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